Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day - the power of work-life balance

I had a great mentor at IBM for many years. Jon Prial retired a few years ago, but still blogs and talks about one of the topics he cared passionately about while at IBM: work-life balance. Of the many things that stuck with me, this weekend I'm reminded that he often said that balance isn't about perfect balance all the time. The scales will naturally tip to one side or another, depending on commitments you made, schedules, crises, and more. The trick is to find the balance over the long-term. That balance is different for everyone, but long-term balance means the scales on average tip in the direction that most closely align to your personal values.

This weekend, North America celebrates Labor Day. It's beginnings were in the Labor Movement of the late 19th Century. Since then, of course, the definition and application of "work" has changed dramatically in many ways. So, this Labor Day, I for one will both enjoy a great mental break out on a lake or in a park. But I will also "work" (as I'm doing now) because I enjoy it. And I will also think about that balance in this modern age of "anytime, anywhere" digital work. Because I think that thinking those hard thoughts can be fun, too.

Happy Labor Day!

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