Monday, November 12, 2012

Of Santana and keeping it fresh

My husband and I had the immense pleasure to be at the Santana concert last night at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. It was a 2-1/2 hour Latin rock jam sonic storm, with even a guest appearance by Jack Bruce of Cream. He even had the crowd do a Sunday "Amen!" while joking about his 'little bit ghetto" style zen appreciation for keeping it all about love and kindness, not just more stuff and stress. An amazing individual.

What amazed me as well was the show smacked nothing of the unfortunate tendencies of stars who put on vanity nostalgia-sopped events in their later years. Santana had a young band with two amazing fresh singers. The entire evening felt new and timeless at the same time.

That's a quality I think that many endeavors, whether musical or business, should strive for. In our incessant urgent need to jump into what's new, we forgot to craft what we do to last for the long term. And to build in enough flexibility into the core essence so that we can update it without losing that immutable quality, that core of ourselves, that is unique and timeless. A fantastic evening and a good reminder of keeping your values close.

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