Monday, February 4, 2013

From email to social email experiences: email for the next 20 years

In addition to my many duties getting ready for IBM Connect 2013 last week, January was also taken up by my "other" (primary!) day job, Worldwide Senior Marketing Manager for IBM Notes and Domino. To give you a glimpse of what's in store for enterprise email, messaging and related workflow-driven business applications, take a look at my post over at the IBM Social Business Insights Blog: "From email to social email experiences". I would love your feedback.

IBM Connect 2013 - the recap from the inside

Wondering where I've been lately? Well, I was in the throws of preparing for our most critical event of the year in IBM Collaboration Solutions: IBM Connect 2013 and Lotusphere. The prep was particularly busy this year, so apologies for not posting since the holidays. You can read up on some of the things I was doing there, specifically through 3 CMSWire posts I guest-blogged.

Now that Connect 2013 is over, I can get to writing another post I've been mulling over for a month, since a great conversation I had with Luz Marina over at the Business Marketing Association SoCal chapter. Watch this space!