Monday, March 25, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IBM March 13 Social Business Broadcast post-event podcast

With the replay of the March 13 IBM Broadcast that I've been so focused on, "From liking to leading: transforming your business with the right social business platform", now posted, it's time for some catching up. Specifically, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Social Business User Group for a post-event recap podcast (free community registration required).

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

End-to-End Marketing: the death of creativity? (Part 1)

I've had the honor of being asked to guest post on occasion for several blogs, including the IBM Social Business Insights Blog, the Social Business User Group, and Most recently, the Business Marketing Association chapter for Southern California launched their new chapter blog. I was pleased to be asked to be one of the inaugural guest posts.

"End-to-End Marketing: The death of creativity?" is Part 1 of a 3-part series. I've been thinking a lot about where Marketing is going lately. Not just for career reasons, though that's a big part of it. I've always been enamored with social and internet technologies, so seeing how these are affecting the strategy and practice of Marketing is nothing short of exciting. I wanted to share that excitement in what I hope will be a thought-provoking series.

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Launching a Platform for Social Business

I haven't posted in a while mainly because I've been hyper-focused on getting a major IBM broadcast launch event out the door. If you're interested, I invite you to listen to the replay of "From liking to leading: transforming your business with the right platform for social business" (free registration required).

It took a lot of effort, particularly because we wanted to include prominent non-IBM speakers like Ray Wang and IBM customers. It was an exciting activity, with me leading the development and production with help from an extended team. I got to videotape Ray's segment first hand on the lovely campus of Stanford University (and of course, it was a beautiful day in the South Bay).