Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 ways to survive the markcopolypse

I once again had a nice invitation to guest post for the Southern California chapter of the Business Marketing Association blog. 5 Tips for surviving and thriving in this new marketing Era. I would love your comments! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work related - IBM extends choice in deployment for social business with Domino Hypervisor

A quick promo for my guest blog post over on the IBM Social Business Insights Blog, "Choice in Deployment is the hallmark of social". One of the things I've been working on lately is the release of a new platform support for our venerable IBM Domino franchise. The latest is support for IBM PureSystems, which opens up opportunities to manage IBM Domino infrastructures more effectively through virtualization and pre-configuration.

Would love your comments if you're so inclined!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Virtual Choir and the nature of collaboration in a digital age

Maybe it's because I'm a choir geek. Maybe because I just love Eric Whitacre's complex, rich chordal structures and the beautiful way he treats the human voice. Maybe I'm just a romantic, who still believes inside a slightly cynical shell that its mushy stuff like this that really changes the world. Maybe because I'm a mediamutt: polyglot in my consumption and choice of media channels and consumption patterns.

But I look at the Virtual Choir (latest incarnation: Virtual Choir 4) and think: this is the very nature of what collaboration means in an interconnected digital world. Unlike some who originally saw the first Virtual Choir as atomistic and overly cold (despite the heavy use of reverb to bring the hundreds of videos together), I thought of it as a fantastic experiment in using the social media and social technologies -- including webcams, video sharing, off-the-shelf video editing software, YouTube, blogs, etc. -- to take a new spin on such an ancient art form.

Whether its in our personal lives, where we spend increasing amounts of time connecting with friends and family digitally rather than in person, or whether it's the same at work, the nature of collaboration is EXPANDING, I think, rather than contracting. I know there are real concerns about over-emphasis on tech to the detriment of deep human connections. But tell that to the THOUSANDS of singers who spent dozens of hours preparing, then recording, then submitting their videos for these virtual choirs.

Clearly something deep has been touched here. Touched in me -- despite my reluctance to actually submit myself. Touched in Eric, who took a shy girl's video and created something beautiful from it. Touched in every singer who still believes (like me) that beauty really can change the way we live, work, and share with one another.

Big Data brings CMO and CIO closer together

As I was catching up on some older reading, I saw the editorial from the June 10 edition of BtoB Magazine, "Big Data push drives marketing and IT closer":

"Big Data. It's a term that can cause vertigo in marketers who careerlong focus has been on the creative side of the marketing equation."
This goes right to the heart of the argument I've been thinking through in my head about the shifting nature of marketing from creative to data-driven (see my 3-part guest posts on the SoCal Business Marketing Association's blog here). The technological landscape of marketing is quickly and inexorably moving us in the direction of requiring both creative and quantitative skillsets to be successful marketers. This editorial, and the continued M&A activity in this space (Salesforce acquires ExactTarget is just the latest example) I think are further proofs of this shift.

Marketers beware! Creativity isn't enough anymore.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Growing a social culture at IBM - presenting this evening at SMCSD

I'm excited to be presenting "Growing a Social Culture at IBM" at this evening's monthly Social Media Club San Diego. I presented a version of this a few months ago at the May meeting of the Southern California Chapter of the Business Marketing Association. From that presentation, it seemed appropriate to further customize it and propose to the SMC, which they graciously accepted :-)

I'll hopefully have the presentation posted to SlideShare shortly after the meeting.

***UPDATE 07/12***
I posted the slides to SlideShare here. Enjoy and comment!