Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living the No Assholes Rule at work and play

Coming out of a recent, great management class I took a few weeks ago at IBM, one of the many interesting tidbits was a recommendation to read The No Assholes Rule. Beyond the eye-catching title, the content is actually a short, witty yet data-filled analysis of why persistent jerks are so detrimental to workplace dynamics.

I have to say I'm pretty lucky. I haven't had to deal with a LOT of these folks in my career, though of course you can't help but run into them. I'm lucky as well that, even though most workplaces these days aren't ideal in a lot of ways, IBM is pretty asshole-free (at least in my space). And those that do exist are generally sidelined to a degree by their own douche-y behavior.

As I've been reading through it, I've also seen how the principles and data apply to pretty much any group dynamic. It (perhaps not) surprisingly validates the rules my dear friend John and I put together as some of the founding principles of Pacific Sound San Diego, our local a capella singing group. Who wants to spend any significant amount of time with a jerk, especially when you're not being paid to?

Life's too short to put up with assholes, especially putting up with it in yourself. How do you deal with those soul suckers in your work and play?

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