Monday, July 14, 2014

A company without email? (a followup: the death of 'the death of email')

A followup to my earlier post about what is hopefully the death of "the death of email". Two new analyst reports have come out recently that bolster my viewpoint that we're entering an time of quantum evolution of email. Instead of incremental improvements, we're seeing the rise of a complete rethinking of email in this new social, mobile, cloud world.

One recent report by Osterman Research, Evolving towards the next phase of email (free registration required), talks about the specific environment email needs to change into:

The conventional wisdom is that email is being replaced by social media and other, next generation communication and collaboration tools. The reality, however, is that email use continues to grow...Email will remain the dominant communications tool in the workplace, but it will evolve in a variety of ways toward completely transparent accessibility across all delivery modes and platforms, an embedded application experience that will enable users to work with applications in the context of the email experience, and greater integration of social capabilities within email.

Another report by Forrester, When mobile becomes the new face of social, may at first blush seem unrelated, as it is about social messaging apps for smartphones. But messaging is very similar to short-burst email (think Facebook Messages or Linkedin InMail), and their intersection with mobile, cloud, and social platform is very much related to the thesis that email itself is entering a next stage of evolution:

Messaging apps have the potential either to become digital platforms or to significantly enhance the power of current platforms because they so clearly deliver the three things that determine digital platform power: frequent interactions, emotional connection, and convenience. 
You can learn more how IBM is looking at addressing this quantum evolution with IBM Mail Next, at our July 23 webcast.

What do you think? Where do YOU see email headed?

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