Saturday, December 13, 2014

The contination of the death of the death of email

Continuing the "death of the death of email" conversation I last posted about here.

Since that blog post, there have been quite a few vendor announcements showing that the space is heating up. A lot of these companies are looking into the next steps for email and business comunications in very different ways. Stalwarts like IBM (my employer), Microsoft, Google and Cisco continue to innovate or acquire or both. Many startups like Inky and Stack are taking advantage of cloud and mobile ubiquity to rethink things as well. It's a very exciting space to be a marketer!

IBM in particular continues to be a leading voice in this  ongoing conversation. If you haven't seen the Livestream of the November 18 event, "A New Way to Work", or the November 19 vodcast, I recommend a gander. I also recommend taking a look at some of the dozens of IT industry press and analyst reactions, such as this article from InformationWeek, and also notably Alan Lepofsky from Constellation Research:

What IBM Verse accomplishes is placing IBM back into the conversation with companies that are evaluating Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, especially in the SMB market where they previously would not have considered IBM.

What do you think? Where do YOU see email headed?What do you use today and what are you investigating for tomorrow?

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